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Thai Factory Development Public Company Limited (TFD) is a specialized institution set up to give assistance to the industrialists with regard to factory site and accomodation.

TFD has been established since 1977.

Yes, TFD has been listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 1994.

  • TFD offers ready-made standard factories of various models in various locations to suit the various needs of clients.
  • TFD offers after-sale services to help clients in implementing their projects including utility services for proper operation.
  • TFD offers credit installment scheme.
  • TFD offers long term lease agreements for clients.
  • TFD offers provides executive serviced apartment for clients, as well as office space for rent in Bangkok.
  • Bangkadi Industrial Park 32 km.
  • Lard Krabang Industrial Estate 40 km.
  • Nava Nakorn Industrial Promotional Zone 46 km.
  • Bangpa-In Industrial Estate 65 km.
  • Hi-Tech Industrial Estate 62 km.
  • Rojana Industrial Park - Ayudhaya 70 km.
  • Chonburi Industrial Estate 130 km.
  • Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate 57 km.
  • Laem Chabang Industrial Estate 128 km.
  • TFD Industrial Estate 43 km.
  • 30 m.x30 m. (single storey) usable area 1,080 sq.m.
  • 30 m.x48 m. (single storey) usable area 1,620 sq.m.
  • 25 m.x60 m. (single storey) usable area 1,650 sq.m.
  • 30 m.x60 m. (single storey) usable area 1,980 sq.m.
  • 25 m.x42 m. (single storey) usable area 1,200 sq.m.
  • 30 m.x36 m. (single storey) usable area 1,260 sq.m.
  • 25 m.x36 m. (single storey) usable area 1,050 sq.m.
  • 20 m.x30 m. (single storey) usable area 675 sq.m.
  • 25 m.x54 m. (single storey) usable area 1,500 sq.m.
  • flatted factory 500-900 sq.m. / unit.
  • 30% paid on contract signing date
  • 60% paid on property occupation date, within 60 days after contract signing date
  • 10% paid on transferring date of property
  • Booking fee Baht 100,000
  • Contract signing date within 30 days after booking fee payment
  • 6 months deposit and one month lease payment in advance, paid on the date of contract signing
  • Lease contract of 1-3 years with an option to renew or purchase
  • Lease rate will be adjusted upon the renewal of contract according to the (minimum 2.5% per annum)

Japanese, European, American

  • Electronic
  • Electrical equipment
  • White goods
  • Plastic product
  • Packaging
  • Tools, die, mould, jig
  • Stationery
  • Chemical product
  • Auto part
  • Furniture
  • etc.,
  • Bangpa-In Industrial Estate and Hi-Tech Industrial Estate for electronic and related industries
  • TFD Industrial Estate, Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate and Laem Chabang Industrial Estate for car and related industries

approximately Baht 250 per sq.m. per month depending on the size and location of the factory

When the contract is signed, the insurance premium will be borne by the Lessee/ Purchaser.

TFD's insurance coverage covers the main coverages such as fire and lighting, bush fire, riot and strike, malicious acts, windstorm, aircraft, earthquake and explosion

No, the client has to insure his own merchandises.

In case of lease, it is a must to use TFD's insurance company.

In case of purchase,the client can choose his own insurance company after the transfer of property title deeds.